Who We Are

OUR MISSION: Collaborating with other partners, Oconee County First Steps helps Oconee County families and caregivers prepare their children for school success by maximizing public and private community resources to deliver, enhance, and expand high-quality early childhood services.

Our Goals

  • Provide parents access to support they might seek to strengthen their families and to promote the optimal development of their preschool children
  • Increase comprehensive services so children have reduced risk for major physical, developmental, and learning problems
  • Promote high quality preschool programs that provide a healthy environment that will promote normal growth and development
  • Provide services so all children receive the protection, nutrition, and health care needed to thrive in the early years of life so they arrive at school ready to succeed
  • Mobilize communities to focus efforts on providing services to support families and enable every child to reach school healthy and ready to succeed

Strategic Building Blocks

Each of the six color blocks of the First Steps logo, represents a core area of service, outlining our comprehensive strategy to prepare children for long-term school success. OCFS partners with organizations and/or programs that specialize in each of these areas to accomplish our overall goal of SCHOOL READINESS. They are as follows: